We are Chickspeare. We challenge the norm. We push boundaries.

We have chosen…TO BE.


March 9-25

WPH posterWomen Playing Hamlet by William Missouri Downs

Produced as a joint project with Donna Scott Productions

 Directed By Tonya Bludsworth

Cast: Glynnis O’ Donoghue, Tania Kelly, Andrea King, Sheila Proctor & Vivian T. Howell


Jessica auditions for Ophelia but instead is handed the title role to Hamlet! It’s a challenge for any actor and sends Jessica into an existential tailspin. Everyone has an opinion about her ability (or lack thereof ) to play the role. It doesn’t help that her acting coach is borderline abusive, or that every Starbucks barista with an MFA tells her she’s too young, or that she’s somehow managed to make Sir Patrick Stewart her nemesis. Not to mention the fact that she’s a woman. How can Jessica figure out “to be or not to be,” when she can’t even figure out herself? Featuring an all-female cast performing multiple roles, Woman Playing Hamlet is rip-roaring fun and asks the question: do we just accept the roles in which life casts us…or do we boldly choose them?

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Shakespeare in the Park-ING Lot, 2013


Chickspeare™ is an all-female Shakespeare Company that started performing shows in 1998 at (the now defunct) Johnson Beer Company in Charlotte, NC. While over the years they have become best known for their Shakespeare “abridging/fast-forwarding/rewinding” brewery shows, they have also produced numerous full-length productions including MacBeth, As You Like It, Twelfth Night, Julius Ceasar, and Winter’s Tale. 

Following the closing of Johnson Beer, Chickspeare™ produced shows in different Charlotte spaces, finally landing in a familiar brewery setting at NoDa Brewing Company where it began its ChicksBEER series in 2012. In 2013, Chickspeare™ produced Twelfth Night at Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte.

As an all-female Shakespeare Company, Chickspeare™ has been breaking gender barriers, giving women the opportunity to explore characters not otherwise available to them in most modern productions of Shakespeare. Chickspeare’s shows are not merely passive theatre experiences; indeed, they engage the audience and provide a creative, provocative environment for female actors to explore and experience Shakespeare’s plays. This desire to break down gender barriers for women in Shakespeare fuels the next stage of Chickspeare’s future. While the company continues to be a vehicle for women and girls to explore their performance of Shakespeare’s roles, the company plans to promote the development of new plays, providing the voices of female playwrights the opportunity to create new work based on Shakespeare’s plays. To learn more about Chickspeare™, read about them in Shakespeare and Gender in Practice by Terri Power. A part of the Shakespeare in Practice series, it explores theoretical and practical approaches to performing gender in contemporary Shakespeare productions. Check out their website at or follow them on Facebook or Twitter (@chickspeare).

Chickspeare™ looks forward to continuing its relationship with NoDa Brewing Company as it continues its ChicksBEER series in 2016! Stay tuned!


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